In line with our belief in Abundance and Sustainability we also acknowledge that we need to live and work in ways that acknowledge the needs of the planet.  To this end we have adopted the following principles and practices:

  1. Recycle.  Wherever possible we reuse or use recycled paper and products in our work and every day lives.
  2. Travel.  John’s work in particular creates a big carbon footprint.  We try to use local people instead of travelling – asking the question do I need to travel, is there another way of doing this?  If the answer is an unavoidable need to travel, we commit to carbon offsetting through the Forest Credit programme
  3. Capability building. While it is true to say that our core work is devoted to this, we take this further in three ways:a)   Developing talent to do Values based work in a number of countries.  In the medium term this will further reduce our carbon footprint.  We do this through accreditation training and mentoring, usually on-line.

    b)   Involvement in values based education through consulting, coaching and mentoring

    c)   Developing purpose and values in organisations that could not afford to use our services on a commercial basis