People come to counselling for all kinds of reasons; usually they are wanting to change something in their lives. If it is important to you and/or making you unhappy, then that is a good reason to come. I will listen to what you want to say without judging you. I will try to understand you and your situation in order to help you to help yourself. You might want to make sense of thoughts, feelings or past experiences or you might want to change something in your life, sort out a problem or make a decision – I can help you work through this without telling you what to do.

Some people can feel nervous at first; it might be the first time you have talked about how you are feeling or about your problems. I will try to make you feel comfortable about talking and will keep what you say confidential . Sessions are usually once a week for an hour and you decide how many sessions you would like. I will not put any pressure on you to keep coming or to stop.

I work as an integrative counsellor, which means I have developed my approach from a variety of theories. These include person- centred, psychodynamic and gestalt which I can explain more in our first session. I believe that the key to the success of our work is the relationship we build together and your willingness and motivation to be in counselling.

I like to work creatively with my clients, which means you will have the opportunity to use image and objects in our work if you would like to. I also offer my clients the opportunity to have their session while walking. (click here to see more – Walk and Talk).

Your first session with me is free; it would be for us to get to know each other, for you to decide whether you would like to work with me and for me to say whether I think I can be of help.

If you would like to come for a first session please click here for my contact details