People come to coaching for many reasons: seeking more meaning in their lives, performance improvement, self-esteem and confidence, career change, preparing for retirement – and many others.

Whatever the focus the motive comes from a sense that there is something to explore and maybe to change.

My coaching focuses on values and strengths.  I use a positive psychology approach to enable executives discover how to fulfil their potential and be the best that they can be.

My aim is to enable you to get whatever you need in order to fulfil your intentions or goals.

The environment in which we work is very important and we will contract for where and how we work up front.  I also offer coaching while walking in the outdoors, using the environment as a stimulus and as metaphor (click here for more details)

Assignments are either a series of 2 hour sessions over an agreed period of time or on a one year dedicated contract to suit the particular challenges and needs of a client. My style is integrative and my approach is adjusted to your needs.

I adhere to the professional standards and code of conduct of the Association for Coaching. For more details click here…

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