My supervision philosophy is to bring a common sense approach to working in a totally client  focused way. I see supervision as essential to good coaching practice: the edge which enables you to develop your craft and your wisdom.  It is your time, for you to bring whatever is right in the moment to the session: a space to reflect, a space to explore and a space to grow.  We will work in a way that works for you, safely and developmentally. Ultimately it is a co-creative process.

I take an integrative approach towards my work based on values, strengths and underpinned by positive psychology.

My approach has been developed over many years of coaching experience, together with over 35 years of business experience, coupled with continuous learning and formal development.  My practice is based on one key question:  “what’s needed here, right now?” This allows us to be creative in how we explore challenges and possibilities (click here for information about our Walk and Talk approach)

Sessions are usually 1.5 hour duration with frequencies adjusted to meet your needs.
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