I work as an integrative supervisor and therefore draw on a number of approaches and theories in my practice.  I take a phenomenological approach to my supervisees, believing that everybody’s view of the world is dependent on their experiences of it. This idea is compatible with the Rogerian Person-centred Theory, which forms the core of my Integrative approach.

My supervision training was based on a relational model and I focus strongly on the supervisory relationship with my supervisees. I hope to allow supervisees to experience supervision as a collaborative process and for us to become co-researchers looking at the issues and processes that have arisen through their work with clients.

I believe that to develop a strong and meaningful relationship, I need to be genuine in my interactions and that congruence provides the basis of trust, which is essential in the relationship.  My supervisees can learn more through us being curious and suspending judgment than in seeking solutions and this will lead to a greater understanding of their clients and themselves.

I like to work using creative methods but am led by my supervisee’s needs and preferences. My supervisee’s stage of development and personality inform the balance of support and challenge in my work. I offer supervision to counsellors working with people of all ages but particularly welcome enquiries from counsellors seeking specialised supervision for working with young people and children.

Sessions are usually for 1.5 hours monthly or 1 hour fortnightly depending on your need and your first session would be free to aid you to find the right person for you and your clients.