Cultural Transformation Tools

Measurement of values

Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are a recognised set of measurement tools that provide data to understand the extent of alignment between employees’ personal values, their experience of the current culture of the organisation in which they work and the values they would like to see the organisation live in the future.  The suite includes leadership assessments and also has customised versions for schools and communities.

Values based organisations typically outperform other organisations over time to a ratio of 10:1.  The methodology provides the baseline assessment to identify key levers for personal and organisational transformation.

We offer Practitioner accreditation programmes for consultants, coaches and internal change agents. We offer this primarily in-house, but ask if you have an individual need. See for more details.

Every transformation journey takes its own unique path, but all should start with an assessment that creates clarity around current state and enables prioritisation over projects and programmes that lead to where the organisation wants to go.  I have many years of leading and assisting in defining and then delivering this journey.  It is also my firm belief that clients should lead with the outsider acting as guide in order to build sustainable capability

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