PACE is an attachment based model which emphasises the need for intersubjective interactions with children to build healthy brains. It is a way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to make a child feel safe and is based on how parents connect with their very young babies and toddlers. This safety enables a child to build better relationships. With PACE a child can start to reflect, to understand and let others know what is going on in their inner world. They can start to trust the adults around them and seek soothing from them.

On this training you will also learn about brain development, how trauma or neglect affects the brain and how intersubjective experience shapes it.

We offer the training at different levels:

  1. PACE for Therapists: A One Day CPD Workshop

  2. An Introduction to PACE: A Half Day Workshop for professionals      working with children and young people. For example; school staff, care      home staff, social workers, family support, behavior support workers.

  3. A Brief guide to PACE: A two hour workshop for school staff or      professions working with traumatised children