Social Enterprise

Our intention is to ensure our services are available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

We are a trading company needing to earn income from the provision of services, however our purpose is about the improvement of well being and fulfilment rather than making money.

Our social purpose is fulfilled in the following ways:

  • We will invest 50% of trading profits, or 10% of our turnover whichever is the greater, to providing services at a subsidised or nil rate.
  • We will invest 5% of our income to causes or organisations that could benefit from stronger finances
  • We will offer time, without charge, to people or organisations who share our purpose and values that could not afford to use our services on a commercial basis 

Positioning Statement

Certified social enterprise positioning statement

Look for the Social Enterprise Mark: only those businesses displaying the Social Enterprise Mark have been through an annual assessment process and are qualified to hold the license. Space to Grow Ltd is certified as a social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark. This means that Space to Grow has proved it is a true social enterprise creating social value against independently-assessed criteria, backed by a Certification Panel. The Mark provides assurance that profits/surpluses are used to support those who do not have the ability to pay for our services and to protect the environment as best we can acting as a guarantee that Space to Grow’s profits are used to help people and planet, rather than pay dividends to shareholders. See


Social Impact Report

Social Enterprise Mark produces annual impact reports. Copies of these can be found below:

Social Impact Declaration 2015 (pdf)